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How does it work?

Step 1:
Type your e-mail address into the 'Sender' field. Type one or more recipients' e-mail addresses into the 'Addressees' field. Click on 'Add files' to insert your files and then 'Start uploading' to upload the files.
The speed of uploading depends on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection. Next click on "Send e-mail".

Step 2:
After sending the files, the 'Sender' receives an acknowledgement by e-mail. This e-mail contains a link. By clicking on this link, each recipient receives a message that a file is waiting for them. After clicking on the link, the sender sees a confirmation page. When the confirmation page is shown, the procedure is ended.

Sending multiple files

You can use this transfer site to send one or more files at a time. When you select and upload multiple files, they are automatically packed into a single zip file.

Acknowledgement of receipt

Check 'Send me an acknowledgement of receipt' to receive an e-mail message once the receiving party has retrieved the file.

Who can I send files to?

If you call up this website from outside the Provincial Government Buildings, you can only send a file to the e-mail address of a member of Province staff.
If you call up this website from inside the Provincial Government Buildings, there is no limit on the 'Addressee' field, but your own Province e-mail address has to be in the 'Sender' field.

What size can the file be?

You can send a maximum of 1GB at a time.

Hoe lang blijft het bestand beschikbaar?

Once retrieved, a file will remain for a further 4 weeks. If not retrieved, a file will remain for 4 weeks in total. After this time, the file is automatically removed from the server.

File transfer rules

It is not permitted to use this site for any purpose other than sending work-related material.

If there is a specific suspicion of unauthorised use by a member of staff, the supervisor concerned may, after obtaining the directorate's agreement, request the ICT department to keep a specific check on the staff member concerned. The supervisor will inform the staff member of the check (before or after the event). The data protection rules will be observed during the check.

Consequences of unauthorised use:
If the check reveals that unauthorised use has actually taken place, the directorate and the supervisor will discuss this immediately with the staff member concerned. If this does not result in an improvement, the staff member may eventually be dismissed.

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